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    There's nothing quite like long, lazy days out on the water in your boat. But it's inevitable that over time, you'll be due to visit a boat body shop for repairs so you can continue having those days in the future.
    At Taylor's Fiberglass Repair, LLC, we provide a high-quality fiberglass repair service to ensure proper boat maintenance for your craft year-round.
    Our experienced staff offers boat restoration and boat painting to keep you afloat and your hull free of unwelcome barnacles and contaminants.
    Contact us today in Afton, OK, for all your boating needs before your next launch.
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Our Services

Boat body shop
Boat Body Shop

Our boat body shop has what you need to get your boat or jet ski back on the water. Make sure you've maintained the fiberglass of your boat in top condition by bringing it to us here at Taylor's Fiberglass Repair, LLC. We'll let you know of any repairs or boat detailing you may need before you hit the water.

Boat restoration
Boat Restoration

If your boat has been in storage for some time or has had an extended stay on the water, it's time to visit us for boat restoration. We'll take care of any fiberglass repair or gelcoat repair to ensure your boat's buoyancy. Our gelcoat refurbishing process will restore the protective layer your boat needs when it's back among the waves.

Boat maintenance
Boat Maintenance

It's essential to have regular boat maintenance done so you don't encounter any surprises out on the water. Besides offering boat repair and ski boat repair, we also provide boat waxing to protect against corrosion, organic buildups, and chemical breakdown. Stay safely afloat with us in Afton, OK.

Boat painting
Boat Painting

We also offer boat cosmetic repairs to keep your craft looking its best. From boat painting to maintain its luster to protective bottom paint for boats, our experienced team can take care of your needs. Let our professionals handle any boat scratch repair that's needed so you can get out on the water as soon as possible.

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I damaged a small area, about the size of a tennis ball, on my Ranger boat trailer fender. One repair shop said it would cost as much to repair as it would to replace the entire fender. Darby Taylor repaired the fender perfectly, as good as new, for a fraction of the cost. It looked the same as it did when it was new. The work was done professionally and promptly and exceeded my expectations. I seriously doubt if it could have been done any better anywhere else. When others say it can't be done go to Mr. Taylor. I'd say he's the best at what he does!

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The best fiberglass repair by far. I have experience with numerous fiberglass repair company's and Darby Taylor is above and beyond when it comes to service, friendliness, quality of his repairs, expertise in his field of work, and by far the best turnaround. Highly recommend.

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I have used and recommended Taylor fiberglass for years does a great job!

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